Brothers and Sisters of Arizona Federal Lodge,

The past eight weeks have been an emotional rollercoaster, and the uncertainty continues with a possible shutdown in the works.  Two weeks ago I sent out an email stating until the government shutdown was fully resolved, dues would not be collected.  Instead, dues would be deferred until everyone’s pay was paid up to date. 

At this month’s lodge meeting, the topic was brought before the members for discussion.  Members were asked to consider;

  • Should the Lodge pay for January’s dues or
  • Defer the dues as planned.

After a brief discussion, a motion was sent before the members to pay the January dues.  The measure passed with everyone voting for the measure. 

So, you will not see any deduction for your January dues.  However, should there be another shutdown, and dues are deferred, members will be responsible for dues and the deferment payments. 

Should you have any questions, please ask. 


Peter Shepard, President

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